About the Founders - Les and Diana Morris

¡VAYA! Co-founders Les and Diana Morris have spent nearly 5 years in Central America as missionaires from their native United States.  The Morris' have opened their home loosely to minister God's Word and His love to local residents and are now hosting this intensive leadership training program for young adults wishing to learn sound biblical theology to take into the future as leaders in their local churches and new church plants.  ¡VAYA!'s Theology curriculum, IBAC, was developed by Dr. Jim Wilson and has successfully been been taught in Latin America for almost 20 years. ¡VAYA! is a legal "Viña" Association in Costa Rica and is designed to be an all-round in-depth education focusing on:


  • Spiritual formation

  • Character building

  • Core values emphasis

  • Hands-on service


For Eight Months the Students of VAYA Will:


  • Live together in community

  • Learn bible theology utilizing IBAC course material

  • Serve together in practical and spiritual ways

  • Do at least one leadership project

  • Receive weekly mentoring

  • Study Vineyard's core values through weekend intensives

    • ​​The Theology and Practice of the Kingdom of God

    • Experiencing God

    • Culturally Relevant Mission

    • Reconcilling Community

    • Companssionate Ministry

  • Read at least 12 book about a combination of faith, leadership, heroes of the faith and more

Students who attend this unique program WANT to be leaders.  They want to be pastors, missionaires and church planters.  But for most of them it is simply too expensive.  YOU CAN HELP reduce the cost for them so they can take the R-I-S-K in faith to invest the time and effort needed to take up the torch and become the next generation of leaders in Latin America.